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Sarcoidosis and My Mother

After serving in the U.S. Army, my mother was diagnosed with Asthma, C.O.P.D, incurable Stage 4 Sarcoidosis and Gulf War Syndrome.  Her physicians utilized numerous medical treatments to send the disease into remission. They included surgeries, organ removal,  high doses of steroids, as well as chemotherapy to name a few. The procedures and medications traumatized her immune system and her skin paid the price. 

My mother's face erupted with lesions and sores that were consistent with a Sarcoidosis diagnosis. Some were biopsied and classified as Idiopathic Granulomas (medical speak for I DON'T KNOW what caused it). The ointments and creams prescribed to alleviate her symptoms yielded little to no results and the side effects did more harm than good.

After 5 years of hit and miss treatments her doctors informed us of our options. Either continue to try medications that may or may not work (continue practicing on the Guinea Pig) or just go home and they'll keep her as comfortable as possible as the disease ran its course. There is no cure and nothing else they could do. 

She suffered years of depression, feeling defeated and being too self-conscious to leave home; We decided to take matters into our own hands. She needed relief from her unexplained debilitating symptoms.  We began to research and study old remedies we'd heard my grandmother speak of from her childhood.  Tweaking different remedies with organic and natural plant-based products; We finally...FINALLY achieved relief and AMAZING results!  After perfecting the recipes, AllKaleline Boost Organic and Plan-Based Skin Care System was created. We are honored as I feel it is my duty to share these products with everyone. Whether they are searching for relief or just need skin care without chemicals and fillers that WORK! The rest is HERSTORY.

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